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Shadow Angel's Fanfic


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Flights Of Fantasy

Stories of Mystery, Love, Magic, and Horror filter through the air as you breath in their sweet aroma you crave to read the haunting words that litter the dust ridden pages.  These flights of fantasy come to me in dreams and I'm forced to let them flow through my hands into my computer.  Now I share them with you...


A QUEST FOR SELF: Akane's unsatisfied...big deal right? She's always grippen about something.  This time she's gonna do something about it...taking Ryoga with her she's on a quest to find her honor.  As she meets some interesting people along the way she gets one step closer to becoming more than just Ranma's fiance!


This is my first complete fanfic!  The final battle between Ranma and Ryoga has begun, to the victor goes Akane's heart!  But who will her first kiss belong to?


WICKED WHISPERS AND NIGHTMARISH NECROMANCY:  A haunting story which features the Ranma cast having disturbing dreams about Akane.  Will they be able to figure out these terrible dreams before the unthinkable happens?


these links lead to pages on so don't freak out when you find yourself on a different's just where my stories are kept!