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Shadow Angel's Fanfic


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Eternally Searching


Welcome to all of you who like to wander the web. Like myself I find it way too intriguing when there are links to other pages! So in tribute to all those who are eternally searching web page after web page I have chosen a few of my favorites for you to look through!


Don't be scared now walk through my links into worlds you never new possible.


Ranma 1/2-Waters Under Earth

I haven't read too much of this fanfic, but from what I have read...It's well written and very interesting! So...Read it Read it Read it!!!!

Hearts of Ice

I have read this whole fanfic and on a scale of 10 I give it a 9. Only because it isn't finished yet...leaves ya hangin! Other than that it's one of the best fanfics I've read.

The Penultimate Ranma Fanfic Index

This site holds almost every Ranma 1/2 fanfic of its type. You can get anything from dark fanfic to crossovers. Click and enjoy!



Great fanfic site...I even have a few stories here! Search Authors and type in Aka 'anela!

Yes I am a big DBZ visit their official website! Live a little!